Leave Your Emotions At The Door

By Melaney G. Hodge, Esq.

A divorce can wreak havoc in your life, leading to many emotional roller-coasters. It is normal to experience a range of emotions when dealing with a loss. Your emotions are natural, but in the divorce proceeding, you must be in control. Many clients seek to operate from an emotional perspective, which is problematic in making important financial decisions.

It is critical that you process your emotions in the appropriate forum, such as with a licensed therapist. If professional therapy is not right for you, you should select a trusted and grounded friend that can be your emotional sounding board.

Remember, your attorney is there to provide legal advice, and cannot assist you with handling the emotional implications of litigation. The legal system does not operate on emotion. It is imperative that your advocate provide you representation untainted with those emotional biases.

Our office ensures our clients receive compassion, but also a clear picture of what should result in a specific case. The Law Office of Susan Castleton Ryan seeks to empower our clients to make rationale decisions and leave the emotions outside the negotiating room.

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