2013 Newsletters

  • November 2013
    Going to Court: Who to Bring and Who to Leave at Home
    We are Prepared for Trial
    Are You Looking for a Support Group?
  • September 2013
    The Word of the Day is “Discretion”!
    Myths on Divorce
    Access to Estate and Administration Cases
  • July 2013
    New Child Support Guidelines are on the Way!
    The Divorce is Over, Now What?
    I Want to Change My Name!
  • June 2013
    I Want a Divorce, but I’m Too Broke to Move Out!
    Side Agreements to Court Orders: Are They Enforceable?
  • May 2013
    Who Gets the Ring?
    Restraining Orders for Your Pets, as well as for You!
  • March 2013
    Limited Assistance Representation
    Famous Female Lawyers