Health Insurance At Divorce

by Melaney G. Hodge, Esq.

Health insurance is one of the biggest concerns that individuals have at the end of a marriage. In a typical marital situation, one party provides health insurance coverage for the family. At the termination of the marital relationship, it may not be possible to continue coverage for the ex-spouse.

In the event your spouse’s employer is self-insured, you are not eligible for continued coverage, regardless of any court order. It is vitally important for you to receive written verification from your spouse demonstrating whether or not coverage is available to you.

If you are eligible for continued coverage, you may be obligated to pay any additional expense your spouse incurs as a result of your coverage. For instance, if your spouse is offered an employee plus dependents plan for a monthly cost of $100 and a family plan for $150, you would be responsible for paying $50 per month.

Be sure to speak with an experienced family law attorney to ensure your rights are protected.